Monitor & Understand Retail Networks Better

Gokyo helps brands monitor competitive footprints and identify key market areas for growth expansion

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Get Complete Competitive Insights

Access complete and timely Geodata on your industry sectors, country markets and competing brands, helping you better understand your core business as well as adjacent opportunities.

Spend more time analyzing instead of researching
  • Syndicated database with 30,000+ Geodata
  • Access 100+ brands in over 20 countries
  • More than 10 industries covered

Market Intelligence Research At Scale

Examine competing brands in pairs and assess competitive footprints based on target markets, product lines, and brands carried for every country and states down to the city level.

  • Use heatmaps to determine market shares for competing brands
  • Visualize data by segments – group-wise, state-wise and by competing leaders
  • Use historical snapshots to see how competing brands have expanded

Identify Your Opportunities

Uncover your next key markets areas, product categories for expansion and drill them down to specific locations for partnership opportunities.

  • Quickly assess the size of the market
  • Identify key product categories to nurture and expand
  • Find complete, detailed information for strategic partnerships

We track brands in over 20 countries

We can easily track new brands in any country









Track retail networks across brands & industries

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